Traditional: Traditional products are mostly focused on 4 – 5 variations of gamchhas that are made using different loom specific frame based designs. They are all woven with cotton yarns and a set of 10 – 12 colours is only used throughout the village. These products have a dominant market and are woven regularly. Designs generally seen are Phool Toyla and  Honeycomb paired with different variations of checks and stripes. 



Contemporary: The artisans today currently make a lot of home furnishing products such as cushion covers, bed covers and household napkins. They have also started making handloom towels using traditional weave patterns that are not necessarily a gamccha. Understanding of market has helped them in identifying needs in the market. They have developed various product sets as well such as curtains and dinner table runners and mats. Artisans are also extensively involved in the production of wearables such as sarees, stoles and dupattas.