• Dyeing in textiles is a process in which color is transferred to a finished textile or textile material (like fibers and yarns) to add permanent and long-lasting color. In Kenjakura it was done by hand.
  • Winding is a process of transferring yarns from ring bobbins, hanks, cones, etc into a convenient form of long lengths of yarn.
  • Then wrapping; preparing the weavers beam to be set up on the weaving machine.
  • Denting-Drafting means drawing the warp thread through the dent as required by the reed plan and this determines more accurately the width of the fabric and then drafting is the selection process of heald frames for individual warp threads according to the design.
  • The weaving process in intensive as the mechanism requires strong control of both feet and hands. While the hands control the movement of the shuttle through the yarn bed, the feet help in the sequential lifting of the steps for the design to materialize on the fabric surface. In selective cases, designs are done on the fabric surface using external shuttle mechanisms.