Baul music is the soul of Bengal and is essentially the music of self searching. Do not look for God anywhere, look for him in the human body. Only then you will get him, feel him and you will be able to know yourself too. This is Sahajia Sadhana. The Bauls, Fakirs and Sufis have been practicing this from time immemorial with their music. The main purpose of Bauls is detachment from earthly bonds or ties. They want to dissolve into a greater ease with God. The urge to be with God, the pain of not getting him, the sorrow of one’s inability, prayer for being with Guru etc. all these are conveyed through their music. They reject division of caste, creed, religion and believe of knowing God with profound admiration by self sacrificing and belief.

The Bauls and Fakirs are conveying the message of peace all over the world through this at a time when the whole world is divided in different factions like economic religious, cultural and racial. Simple words, heart touching tunes with instruments like Ektara, Dotara, Dhol, Khol, Khamak, Flute, Dubki have enchanted the audience, the world over. Even the mainstream music is saluting the Bauls, Fakirs and Sufis and giving them the space they richly deserve.

The majority of Baul musicians are concentrated in 5 districts of West Bengal - Murshidabad, Nadia, Birbhum, Bardhaman and Bankura. The RCCH project covers more than 1100 Baul artists. However, there are many other Baul artists who practice the traditional music but not under the project.