Rabha music and dance are practiced by the indigenous community of Rabha residing in Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri areas. Song and dance reflect the local lifestyle, culture and rituals. ‘Alukhora Nrityo’ is a dance which reflects cultivation of potatoes by digging the land, war dance reflects the story of how once when the Bhutan king invaded the land of the Rabha community the women took up arms and saved the community. Fishing is also an important practice of the region and song and dance reflect the same. The artists perform during rituals like ‘Runtuk’ (dance of Mahadev and Parvati). They perform in groups consisting of 10-15 members including musicians. The musical instruments which they play are - Dhol, flute and Babeng. The Dhol is locally known as ‘Hem’ and Babeng is made out of bamboo and it is played with a bamboo stick.  The Rabhas also perform at various tourist spots around – Chilapata, Raja Bhatkhawa, Jaldapara etc.


Total 224 artists from Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri districts are enlisted under the RCCH II initiative.