Chadar Badar,tribal puppetry, practiced by the Santhal community is an unique form of puppetry found in certain parts of West Bengal. and also in adjoining states. Chadar Badar is performed with the assistance of wooden puppets hung inside a wooden box, open on three or four sides with curtains. The performer narrates stories by words and verse from ancient Santhal culture using the puppets, accompanied by tribal musical instruments. 

The heights of the puppets are 4-7 inches. The shapes of the puppets are engraved on the light weighted wood. The puppets are mainly made up of wood or bamboo. The puppeteers operate the puppets with levers. During the performance, the puppeteers hang the puppets on a wooden box or put them on a small covered platform. The puppets are being moved with the strings or levers. When puppets create pressure on the strings, those make a shift in the lever and move the sticks up and down. The puppets move with the help of strings attached to the fingers of puppeteers. 

Total 76 artists are covered in Purba Bardhaman district under the RCCH II initiatives.