Terracotta is a type of fired clay, typically of a brownish red colour which is used as ornamental building material and in modelling different idols, figurines etc. Terracotta products of Bankura have found a place of pride among the handicrafts of West Bengal. Evidently, terracotta horse of Bankura is a specialty. The traditional products are of 20 to 30 varieties like elephants, horses, flower vases, deities, home décor items, pots, jewellery, tribal deities etc. Utility products like lamps, planters, cups and plates, napkin holders, wall panels, roof tiles etc. are also made. The remarkable aspect of the products is that they are hollow from inside.  Panchmura as a hub of Terracotta has been included in the purview of intervention since 2013, under the aegis of RCH project and covers a total of 296 artists.