Khon is a popular satirical folk drama of the Rajbanshi community. The word Khon, in Rajbangshi, means ‘moment’. It is a social satire. Stories are based on various local incidents, often involving an affair between a village boy and girl, and presented in a comic – satiric style. The artists present the art form in a particular style that combines dialogues in local dialects, songs and dance. Generally, there is no pre-written script. The art form has been integral to local festivals and rituals. 


The folk form has evolved spontaneously as an expression of the lives and livelihood of the community. Khon Gaan is said to have evolved from Ramayan Gaan. It is believed to be nearly 200 years old traditional art.

Under the RCCH initiative 157 Khon artists from 2 districts viz. Dakshin and Uttar Dinajpur have participated.