The name Ghadwa has been derived from the word “Ghalna” meaning melting and working with wax. It’s also derived from the word “Ghadna” meaning the act of shaping and creating. They are also known as Vishwakarmas, Ghasias, Mangan and Kansara in some regions of India.The Dokras of Bengal has been presented with the Geographical Indication (GI) tag by the Geographical Indication Registry and Intellectual Property India.

With time, the process got improvised by the craftsmen and gradually evolved as a fine form of designer art. This long tradition coupled with the intrinsic starkness and vitality makes Dokra a coveted collector’s item. The craft is characterised by its primitive simplicity, charming folk motifs, rustic beauty and imaginative designs and patterns. Today the rural artisans make jewellery with dokra craft which effectively woo the urban populace. Dokra products involve a tedious process of designing and metal casting and finishing touches are given on them with immense love, care and creativity. Each piece of the artwork is unique as only one mold can be used for one product. A neckpiece, bangle or earring made of Dokra art work can make you the cynosure of a soiree.