Purulia district is located to the west of West Bengal along the Chotanagpur plateau. Paradda is a small village located in Balarampur block of Purulia district. The village is well connected with roads from Purulia. Joypur in Purulia is well connected with roads along Purulia to Ranchi. Raipur Block is located 57 kms towards south from district headquarters of Bankura. The district of Nadia is close to the state capital of Kolkata. Ranaghat is around 78 kms from Kolkata and is well connected with national highway.


In Purulia prominent hub of folk instrument is in Paradda of Balarampur Block and Ghaghra of Joypur. Paradda is known for the making of Dhamsa and Dhol and in Ghaghra of Joypur the artists make Madol, Dhol, Dhamsa.

Men - 54 | Women - 8


In Nadia, Puratan Daspara of Hanskhali block is known for making of Tabla, Khol, Dhol and Nal.

Men - 73 | Women - 2


In Sara village of Raipur Block the artists make Dhamsa and Dhol.

Men - 31 | Women -