Village Festivals-

The first Bhawaiya Mela was held on April 8-9 2017 at Majidkhana High School Ground, Alipurduar, organised by the local Bhawaiya artists of Cooch Behar and Alipurduar. This Mela was a part of the Rural Craft and Cultural Hubs initiative of Department of MSME&T. and UNESCO to strengthen the grass root entrepreneurship in reviving the traditional folk art and culture of West Bengal.  District Magistrate Shri Devi Prasad Karanam inaugurated the festival on this day. Around 700 Bhawaiya artist from Alipurduar, Coochbehar and Jalpaiguri visited the festival. More than 100 artists performed at the festival which includes Bairati dance, Kushan dance and Bhawaiya play. 4 CDs on Bhawaiya songs was released. Discussions on various themes like traditional learning medium of Bhawaiya, promotion and publicity of Bhawaiya, Publication and Bhawaiya and young generation. Dhaneswar Roy, Kumar Manabendra Narayan, Nazrul Islam, Himadri Dewri, Sahanaz Pramanik, Dhaneswar Ray, Pradyut Ray, Urmi Ray, Rajanikanta Ray and others shared their views. Around 2000 visitors attended the festival.

The second edition of Bhawaiya Mela was celebrated in Harinchawda Ground, Ghughumari, Coochbehar on January 12-14, 2018. Along with various Bhawaiya artists Swiss Jazz Band Duo-Fatale performed in this festival.

The third edition of Bhawaiya Mela was held on Nov 1-3 at Shalkumar, Alipurduar. Over 350 artists have participated in three days. The festival was inaugurated by Bhawaiya Gurus and artists and a bhawaiya album "Torsha Parer Gaan" was released which is sung and designed by the artists themselves. An exhibition on traditional instruments, Photographs of legendary artists and their bio was held. In 3 days there were about 20000 audience. Various Bhawaiya singers as well as Chau and Raibenshe artists also participated and showcased their art-form to mesmerize the audience.