Basic Workshop

13 basic Capacity Building workshops with 2043 artist were organized to sharpen the skill of Bhawaiya artists. These trainings generated new interest and desire to learn and perform Bhawaiya songs on big stages. They learned many aspects of this traditional music such as tunes, rhythm, lyrics, correct pronunciation, voice modulation, the concept of scale etc. They learned technical details of performing on stage - such as using a microphone, tuning musical instruments with voice etc.



Advanced Workshop

7 advanced level Capacity Building workshops with 355 artists have been organized to provide professional training to the artists. A 3 days advanced skill-building workshop was organised between March 27-19, 2018 at Ghughumari in Cooch Behar district with Bhawaiya artists from Ghughumari and Salkumar in neighbouring Alipurduar district. Advanced training workshops were held between June 14 - 17 2018 at Ghughumari, June 19 - 22 2018 at Surya Nagar, Alipurduar, July 6 - 10 2018 in Alipurduar and September 12-16 2018 at Tepantar, Bardhaman and July 1-5 2019 at Tepantar. The advanced level training workshops were introduced to give them an exposure to global standards of performance and using alternative musical arrangements keeping the soul of traditional Bhawaiya music alive. Participants learned the value of discipline which is necessary to be a professional artist.




Communication Skill, Digital Awareness and Financial Literacy Workshop

A workshop with 50 Bhawaiya artists was organised at Tepantar, Bardhaman on 4th July 2019 to make them aware of various digital payment options. Financial Literacy and Improved Communication Skill were also the focused areas of these workshops. The participating artisans were very much enthusiastic and learned how to use social media platforms to promote their art form.





Exchange & Collaboration

Katalin Burns -20 March 2018 to 30 March 2018

Music transcends boundaries, and literally at times! Singer Katalin Burns’ twin trips to West Bengal in a year from her home in Hungary proved it yet again. It is the sheer love of music that bridges all divide! Katalin Burns of Budapest, Hungary, is a singer with a mission to bridge cultures through music. During her North Bengal visit form 20th March-30th March 2018,  she collaborated with Bhawaiya Artists like Nazrul Islam, Himadri Dewri, Tumpa Barman, Urmi Ray, Sanawaj Pramanik Prabitra Barman, Pradyut Roy, Abinash Roy and Dipankar Roy Dakua .



Performances at Festivals

Bhawaiya Artists from Alipurduar & Cooch Behar have participated different fairs & festivals,  like Bengal Goa Folk Mela 2018, Lok Utsav Goa, Surjahan 2018 etc.