Traditional :
Masks of mythical characters such as Bhadra Kali, Narasimha, Bibhishan, Ravana, Hanuman etc. are prepared. Apart from that the artists also prepare masks of animals such as tiger, lion, deer etc. 



Contemporary: Traditionally the masks were used for Gomira dance performance. Gomira dance is mainly performed in fairs at the time of a religious festival. The Gomira dances are organized to propitiate the deity to usher in the 'good forces' and drive out the 'evil forces'. It is usually organized within the months of Baisakh-Jaistha-Asharh, corresponding to mid-April to mid-July. In the last three or four decades there has been a shift in the market trends as the masks have become a coveted collector’s item. These craftmen are preparing show-pieces from the wooden masks such as mermaid, boat, smaller masks and other innovative works. They are also making utility products like lamp shade, pen stand, baskets, decorative masks, bamboo furniture etc.