Themes - Traditional themes include portrayal of scandalous affair presented in a satirical way. The characters speak in Rajbongshi dialects. 

Presentation – The performance is presented in three phases and known as Bandana, Comic and Main part which is the longest part.

Instruments - Harmonium, Flute, percussion instruments like Khol, Dholok, Tabla and Cymbals are used. The instruments are sourced from local market. 

Costume - The costumes of the artists are generally selected to match the character played by the artists. Traditionally, Chkokras (boys) wear saree and blouse to represent female characters. The costumes are sourced from the local market. 


Themes - Along with the traditional themes, Khon is locally used for creating social awareness.

Costumes - Costumes are selected to match the characters and sourced from local markets. 

Instruments - Traditional instruments are sourced from local market.