Traditional- Traditionally the Gambhira Palas were inspired by the local and communal grievances, aspirations, joy and sorrows. The palas were performed in front of different Shiv mandirs in the month of April (‘Baishak’ in Bengali) where the four main characters used to reflect on the yearly occurrences. 


Contemporary- The palas of Gambhira nowadays voice the global issues related to finance, education, health, corruption, etc and performances are not limited to any location and time frame. 


Instrument- The traditional instruments include flutes, Harmonium, Dhol, and Kartal. Now the groups are replacing flute with Trumpet.

Costume- Traditional Gambhira costumes are still in use. White dhoti, ripped vest to highlight the poverty, bangles in hand to symbolize the fact that people are not free from societal oppression. The main character wears ‘Buki’ (red chest cover) on the chest which is decorated with artificial medals to represent his character who is brave enough to unveil the social evils.