Manorama Dangar

Call: 9749977054

Manorama is practicing baul music for th.. Read more

Mohan Tati — Flute (accompanist)

Call: 9732318386

Mohan Tati, a self taught artist of Bank.. Read more

Milan Ghosh

Call: 9547828857

Milan is practicing the artform since ch.. Read more

Purna Chandra Ghosh

Call: 7407696447

Purna Chandra is a veteran baul singer f.. Read more

Pintu Kumar Sur

Call: 9733944816

Pintu is a resident of Aaina village of.. Read more

Chandan Ray

Call: 8348976556

Chandan has been singing since he was a.. Read more

Jayanta Bhadra

Call: 8101710739

Jayanta a resident of Paharpur village i.. Read more

Ajoy Das

Call: 9800631893

Ajoy is a young and noted percussionis.. Read more

Sukla Mitra

Call: 9002276409

Sukla is a resident of Patrasayar in Ban.. Read more

Lakhin Bagdi

Call: 8768191827

Lakhin has been singing for the last si.. Read more

Gokul Mojumdar

Call: 9732011005

Gokul, a resident of Munui village of Ba.. Read more


Bhajan Das Bairagya

Call: 9733907558

Bhajan Das Bairagya is a veteran Baul si.. Read more

Nityapriya Mandal


Nityapriya was born in 1995 and started.. Read more

Prodyut Bala


Prodyut Bala hails from a family of Hind.. Read more

Gopi Khyapa


Gopi Kishor Bharui, a popular Baul from.. Read more

Barun Das Baul


Barun Das Baul, resident of Phulbari vil.. Read more

Chandan Sil


Chandan Sil, a resident of Guskara, Burd.. Read more

Girish Khyapa

Call: 9434360653

Girish Mandal also known as Girish Khyap.. Read more


Rina Das

Call: 9232524600

Rina Das is a talented and popular Baul.. Read more

Sumanata Das Baul


Sumanta Das Baul, A young Baul from Shan.. Read more

Tapan Kumar Das (Sadhu)

Call: 9732892009

Born in 1995 in Jaydeb near Santiniketan.. Read more

Tanmay Kumar Das (Kangal)

Call: 7602218536

Born in 1996 in Jaydeb near Santiniketan.. Read more

Rabi Das Baul


Born as Rabi Mondal in Bhubandaga of Bir.. Read more


Chote Golam Fakir

Call: 9732917198

A resident of Jalangi block in Murshidab.. Read more

Mallika Akar


Mallika Akar was born in 1983. Her tryst.. Read more

Gobinda Das Bairagya


Gobinda Das Bairagya learnt the finer de.. Read more

Lalu Fakir (Lal Mohammed Seikh)

Call: 9732698694

Born in 1956 in Murshidabad district, La.. Read more

Khokan Das - Dhol (accompanist)

Call: 9734859765

Khokon belongs to a family with a rich m.. Read more


Golam Fakir

Call: 9734351489

He is one of the best known contemporary.. Read more

Arjun Khyapa

Call: 9732799811

Arjun has been performing since the mid-.. Read more

Subhadra Sharma

Call: 9932205548

Subhadra Sharma is one of the most famou.. Read more

Arman Fakir

Call: 9733956858

Arman Fakir was initiated into Marfati.. Read more

Khaibar Fakir

Call: 9647190624

Khaibar Fakir of Gorbhanga village of Na.. Read more

Sashti Das Baul

Call: 9734044132

Sashti Das Baul was born and brought up.. Read more

Babu Fakir

Call: 9609175101

Babu Fakir (Nurul Islam Khan) is from Go.. Read more

Akkas Fakir

Call: 9647190561

Akkas Fakir, a singer who has been train.. Read more

Amanat Fakir

Call: 9732960379

Amanat Fakir specializes in Baul and Fak.. Read more